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A possible 700 youths will sign up for Murray’s upcoming baseball and softball seasons starting April 7 at the Murray-Calloway County Parks (MCCP).

The first day of baseball and softball practice begin April 7 and the opening day of games starts May 2 according to the Murray Youth Baseball and Softball Association (MYBSA) website. The season ends with a postseason tournament on Fourth of July weekend held at MCC Park.

The deadline to register is Feb. 27.

Hopes for upcoming season.

62 teams participated in the postseason tournament last year, but the numbers were no match for Tab Brockman’s “biggest tournament” in 2007, which hosted 100 teams.

“We used every field in Murray including the high school and the Murray State field,” said Brockman. “It was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to put together.”

Community reaps the benefits.

With the influx of travelling teams from as far as Louisville, Kentucky, the postseason tournaments rack $50k to $200k worth of economic sport tourism revenue for the community.

“When you have those tournaments, the real winner is the town,” said Tab Brockman, the park director of the Murray-Calloway County Parks.

The community has been the key success for the baseball and softball leagues. “They’re volunteering their time and it’s making a difference,” Brockman said.

The hours of voluntary service from coaches, parents, and supporters brings a sense of unity to locals. Last year’s teams were accompanied by over two hundred volunteers and many generous corporate sponsors.

2012 Pella Sponsor

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Baseball and softball aid personal development.

Children start baseball and softball as early as 3-years-old and participate until 17-years-old.

There are many benefits to introducing sports to children at a young age:

  • Sport participation supports children’s overall development, especially in the motor skills department.
  • Sportsmanship and team values are naturally acquired.
  • Sport gives youths an opportunity to advance to higher levels, such as travel teams.

“It gives the kids options to do other things than sit on front of a TV,” said Mike Sykes, the Parks’ Aquatics Director, and a previous baseball and softball coach.

It is important for the board members and volunteers to encourage participation and ensure that the interest in sport is maintained.

The Lansing Lugnuts will be one of the many names adopted by the t-ball teams this spring to keep participation exciting.

The backbone of Murray’s sporting success.


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The Murray-Calloway County Parks accommodate both leagues with seven baseball fields and three softball fields located in Central Park and Chestnut Park.

Since the merge of the Murray Youth Baseball and Softball Association and Murray-Calloway County Parks in 2011, the numbers of league players have doubled.