Affecting almost 24 states, Hurricane Sandy rumbled up the east coast of the United States, from Florida to New England, causing death and great destruction. She tore through the power lines leaving 90-percent of Long Island and much of Manhattan in darkness. 5.6 million homes suffered power outages and many only regained power recently. Sandy took 74 lives on her journey of destruction.

Give the media an inch and they take a mile. A prime example were the obviously Photoshopped pictures.Image

I can practically see the outline of the shark from where it was taken from another photo. Please. Whoever created this picture has got to read the manual on that Photoshop program. I’m glad they paid all that money for it and still cannot successfully Photoshop a picture correctly.

Why not make the hurricane more dramatic than it actually is? Surely it is impossible seeing as it already ripped half of the east coast to shreds causing millions of dollars in damage, and has taken homes, buildings, power, and lives along its way.


The media can be so distracted and almost oblivious to the problem at hand. A disaster has stricken a vast area of their country and there they are painting pretty pictures and telling each other how good their wife’s pork chops were last night.


Before I start my blog, I must confess that it is a known fact that the Irish love Obama. We pretty much have claimed him as our own as soon as we found out that his great-great-great grandfather came from our lovely, little village of Moneygall in county Offaly.

See, the great thing about the Irish culture is the simplicity of our people. We don’t expect much which results in being easily satisfied. Also, I’m pretty sure the world knows that we enjoy our drink so the fact that Obama visited our country and drank our Guinness, lets just say, he was surely put on our Christmas list. Who’s not going to love this guy?


So apologies if this blog is a bit biased.

The main topic of the debate from the 16th of October was Romney’s comment in 2008 on letting Detroit “go bankrupt”. His idea was to let companies go through formal bankruptcy to help save the industry. The Tweeters certainly did not enjoy Romney’s apparent lack of love for Detroit and expressed their opinions loudly and clearly.

“#LetDetroitGoBankrupt #NeverForget #RomneyHatesAmerica”.

“Mitt Romney is a car guy.” – Really? I remember #letdetroitgobankrupt”.

On the other hand, Obama was for making the industry better. More than 1 million jobs were saved, the U.S auto industry is fighting back and getting jobs, and government loans were paid back ahead of time.


The most damaging comment that Romney made in his campaign were the remarks that were leaked onto a videotape. In his eyes, 47 percent of the country, President Obama’s supporters, don’t pay income taxes; consider themselves victims; feel entitled to government handouts, and will never be persuaded to take personal responsibility for their lives. This unfortunately made it easy for Obama to swoop in and be the hero by claiming that he is all for helping 100% of America.

“Think about who he was talking about: folks on Social Security who’ve worked all their lives, veterans who’ve sacrificed for this country, students who are out there trying to, hopefully, advance their own dreams, but also this country’s dreams, soldiers who are overseas fighting for us right now, people who are working hard every day, paying payroll tax, gas taxes, but don’t make enough income.”

The Tweeters have been dying for this to be put out in the debate – “Finally Obama brings up #Romney47%”.

There obviously has to be a bit of humor to a debate, whether it was intentional or not. Unfortunately for Romney, the joke was on him. Even though his objective was legitimate – standing up for the “inequalities in the workplace” – a little slip up in his wording earned him a nice little hashtag on Twitter. Apparently when he became Governor of Massachusetts, he had to pull together a Cabinet, however “all the applicants seemed to be men.” Taking initiative, his next step was to go some women’s groups and ask if they could help him find some women to join the Cabinet and they seemed to him “whole binders full of women.”

The “binders” moment went viral immediately on Twitter, spawning @RomneysBinders and @womaninabinder Twitter handles. As of Wednesday morning, almost 300,000 people had supported a Facebook page about what a politically dumb statement it was.

Tweeters also seemed to enjoy the statement too.

“Big Bird and #BindersFullofWomen. Because these are life-changing issues. I mean, who really cares about jobs, debt and national security?”

Even Patrick Swayze had a say in this from beyond the grave.

Another reason as to why the joke is on Romney is because he had not come across any qualified women he could appoint to his Cabinet. It seems to me that Obama, the hidden Irishman, has the better of this Romney kid and will win.

“Are you in favor of the sale of alcoholic beverages in the City of Murray, Kentucky?” The citizens of Murray, Kentucky, were given the opportunity to vote on the sale of packaged alcohol this July, which in turn, ended in the favor of most of Murray State University students. A total of 3,931 votes were tallied with over 53% voting “yes” to the question. Now that the vote has gone through, the waiting game begins.

In 2001, the people of Murray were apprehensive to start when a vote was called about the sale of alcohol by the drink because they thought that it would corrupt the town. However, with winning the “America’s friendliest small town” award eleven years later, it is evident that little has changed due to the approval of the sale of alcohol. The minor change had, in fact, made local businesses such as the Apple, or Nick’s, run efficiently and successfully due to the sale of alcohol on their premises.

The people behind a website called have answered the simple “why” question that those who appose of the rule have been asking. They claim that this new law will benefit the economy and have somewhat of a snowball effect for the community as a whole. Not only will it create jobs in the city but it will prevent the people of Murray from travelling to neighboring towns, such as Paducah, and giving them the business that Murray badly needs.

What is going to become of the sweet town of Murray when the alcohol hits the shops? According to the students of Murray State University, this is what they predict.




It was a Tuesday morning on the 11th of September, 2001. I was 11 years old and had just started my second year of high school in Ireland. It was just like any other morning before school with my mother setting the tone of the day. And what a tone it was; “Rory, Bronagh, Conor, Stephen, get down for breakfast!” she roars up the stairs while slapping the banister with the palm of her hand. That woman would put the fear of God in you, so as you can imagine, myself and my three brothers were out bed before she even finished her sentence.


As each of us reached the bottom of the stairs, we noticed the living room door cracked with only the flickering light of the tv illuminating the walls. Stepping into the room, the first thing I remember that morning, and every morning for that matter, were the curtains. These curtains in the living room were my mother’s pride and joy for some reason and still to this day I look at them and cringe. They are hideous! They are like two, thick, beige carpets hung on a wooden pole, one side being shorter than the other. They are so thick that they kept every inch of light out of the room and I guess that’s why my mother liked them.


The second thing I noticed was the fact that all six of us were standing around our TV. Nobody sat. Not one person said a word. Not one person looked at the other. And the only distinct noise I remember was the dishwasher from the kitchen purring contently as it operated, oblivious to the situation in hand.


And the final thing I remember were the images and video footage of innocent workers who choose their fate by jumping from one of the 110 stories in the World Trade Center after it was practically sliced in half by a Boeing 767 under a terrorist attack. At eleven years old, even in a situation like that, I knew not to ask questions until my parents turned off the TV. My parents had their hands over their mouths in shock and shaking their heads in disbelief. At the time, the attack seemed like such an insane, sick joke to me because I couldn’t imagine anything like that being set in real life. It seemed so fictitious. Something from a movie maybe? I followed my brothers in and ate breakfast in silence.


As our first class began, our principle, Sr. Mary, had announced over the intercom that we would proceed to have a minute silence in respect for those who had lost their lives, been injured, and affected by the 9/11 tragedy. Also, seeing as my high school was a Catholic school, we said a prayer that morning and had a mass in the afternoon.



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